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What is Andalusia Holiday House and our Adventures

We are an outdoor active group of friends and family offering a self-catering accommodation in Andalusian holiday houses. Based in an Andalusian town Frigiliana we organize exciting excursions tailored to our guests’ needs. We are passionate about culture learning and passionate about sports and nature. We want to inspire and satisfy your interests through active tourism, cultural trips and exciting adventures. Your stay with us is an opportunity to learn by experiencing.

Summer fun, Friends cliff jumping into the ocean.

We are based in a small whitewashed Andalusian town called Frigiliana, which is located 45 minutes drive east from Malaga Airport. One to two hours drive from iconic cities of Granada, Ronda, Cordoba and Seville you are going to be accommodated virtually in the heart of Andalusia. From here you can plan your trips to breathtaking places in and around these cities.

Frigiliana is uniquely located between the foothills of the Sierra Almijara mountain range and Mediterranean Sea. The town has received several awards for conservation and beauty. It has often been voted the prettiest whitewashed village in the province of Malaga. Among many festivals Frigiliana hosts there is the most famous “Tres Culturas Festival”. It is a celebration of coexistence of Christian, Arabic and Jewish cultures. In simplest words: Frigiliana once seen, never forgotten.

View of the beautiful town of Frigiliana in the province of Málaga

Depending on your preferences, adventures chosen and a size of the group, you could either be accommodated in a town house called “Monasteria” or in a mountain villa “El Jardin”. Both houses have different offerings; what they share in common is fascinating Andalusian and Moorish character and ideal locations for our cultural trips and active explorations.

Learning about Andalusian culture and architecture, about local fairs and traditions, unspoiled Andalusian nature, Moorish history and its influence on daily life of Andalusian people.

Not all visits have to feature an active exploration. Not all of our trips have to be saturated with culture learning elements. Most of our guests stay with us for a week or two and they choose one or two lighter active trips. Alternatively, you can simply choose to spend an idle relaxation holiday in one of our wonderful accommodations.

Relaxing stay in Frigiliana, an idle holiday on Andalusian beach, wander around the charming town of Frigiliana and enjoy Andalusian food.

You will learn about nature, Andalusian and Moorish culture and architecture, about local fairs and traditions, the history and its influence on daily life of Andalusian people.

A passionate flamenco dancer is seen twirling and moving gracefully